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Data Challenge Launched — Turning Data Into Insights

Since the Healthiest Communities rankings launched, people across the country have been combing through the data to learn about their community’s health and see which areas need improvement.

As a result, the Aetna Foundation announced Healthiest Communities Data Challenge to give local residents the opportunity to turn that data into action. The data challenge will make the Healthiest Communities information available to local agencies, foundations, organizations, entrepreneurs and others to use toward designing community-level health programs that encourage innovation and improve health outcomes.

“The Healthiest Communities rankings have captured the attention of people in communities around the country and got them talking about how they can help their community,” said Garth Graham, president of the Aetna Foundation. “As a next step, the Data Challenge is an opportunity to turn the data into plans that will allow local groups to target the parts of their community that need the most help and assist communities to develop their own unique healthy community agenda.”

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