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Lynne Kain

Lynne Kain, a nurse and Aetna case manager, works helping women overcome opioid addiction during their pregnancies and stay sober after delivery.

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What motivated you to make the transition from traditional nursing?

When I was a NICU nurse at University of Kentucky’s Children’s Hospital, I always wondered what happened to the families when we discharged them. After they left the hospital many new moms would call to talk to the nurses who took care of them, because they’d formed a trusting relationship.

What’s the biggest challenge your patients face?

Environment is a big challenge. When a mother admits she’s using again, it’s often because she’s going back to the same living situation that supported her previous drug use. Often there is no other place to go. Addiction can also interfere with your body’s ability to feel intense joy ― like a mother’s euphoria that helps her bond with her baby.

What would you like to tell readers about the people affected by opioid addiction?

I remind folks that no little girl said, “I want to be an addict when I grow up.” The first time someone takes a drug, it usually is a choice. But once addiction has started, the choice is gone.

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